Abdu Arslanyilmaz, PhD

Associate Professor

Biography: Dr. Arslanyilnaz teaches courses related to Multimedia, E-Commerce, Client-Side and Server-Side Programming, and Databases. His research focuses on the design, development, and evaluation of simulations, games, learning systems, and training applications incorporating game and artificial intelligence theories

Robert Kramer, PhD Associate Professor Biography: Dr. Kramer is an associate professor in computer science and information systems. He is a member of ACM and currently involved in the acm international collegiate programming contest, where he has served at different roles: contestant, 1985-1986; world finalist, 1987; coach, 1998-2005; ysu site director, 2006-2012; east central na regional director, 2013-present.
John R. Sullins, PhD Associate Professor Biography: Dr. Sullins is an associate professor in Computer science and Information systems. He has taught courses in a variety of areas at YSU, including Artificial Intelligence, Web Design, Object-Oriented Programming, Encryption, and Game Design. He has also contributed to the creation of the Master’s program in Computing and Information Systems, and administered it for its first years.
Feng "George" Yu, PhD Associate Professor Biography: Dr. Feng “George” Yu is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Information Systems at Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH, where he founded a research lab called Data Lab devoted to the research of Data-Oriented Sciences. Dr. Yu’s major research interests include databases, big data, and cloud computing.
Yong Zhang, PhD Associate Professor Biography: Dr. Zhang is an associate professor in Computer Science and Information systems Department. His research focus is in the intersection of Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition and AI. He has significant number of scholarly articles published in these fields. His most recent focus is on the following research areas: (i) Recognition of face images and sketches (ii) Medical imaging of soft tissue as applied to burn patient treatment and surgery assessment; (iii) Ensemble learning methods as applied to object detection and motion tracking.