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Fall 2019 Advisory Board Meeting

The 3rd Industrial Advisory Board Meeting was held at Café 422 in Boardman.  The purpose of the Advisory Board is to share accomplishments of the previous academic year and discuss objectives for the current academic year.  This is where advisory board members impart some insights as to what current industry trends are in technology and help to guide those objectives to better prepare our students for a successful future.  Discussion also covers any road blocks in the achievement of objectives to gather information as to assistance that can be offered, or alternatives. 


Last year’s accomplishments were the renovation of some of the 35 year old departmental offices and newly acquired classroom space on the 4th floor of Meshel Hall.  The new 4th floor rooms have two WebEx classrooms of the future and several small classrooms that can be used for research projects or group space.  Other accomplishments consisted of the successful completion of a minor in gaming, beginning the process toward ABET accreditation, and the setup and configuration of a research subnet.  Finally, collaboration with various schools, industries, and foreign universities.


This year’s objectives consist of the ordering of new equipment to create VR labs, hiring additional full time faculty, submission of a game programming degree proposal, and the development of dual/joint degree programs.  Additionally, we are working on the development of innovative teaching methods to increase completion and success rates of our students.  The objective of increasing the scholarly activities of our faculty also benefits our students in that there are more opportunities to assist in research.  Finally, we plan to move forward in the process of obtaining ABET accreditation.  To increase our graduate program, we are aspiring to find more sources of support for those students requiring assistantships in order to complete a masters program.

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