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CSIS advising FAQ

The CSIS department is developing an advising FAQ. You may post to our facebook or mail your question. Your question may end up on this list.

New student

I am a new student in the department. What courses should I take?


The Department has a guide (available here) to recommend appropriate courses given the CSIS and MATH courses that a student has taken.

Should I take CSIS 1595 or CSIS 2610?

What is the difference between CSIS 1595 and CSIS 2610?


The Department decided to have two tracks for our beginning programming requirement. Therefore, CSIS 2610 was divided into CSIS 1595 and 2605.
Students have the option of either the one course, CSIS 2610, or the two course sequence CSIS 1595/2605. Neither option assumes prior programming. For students who have a stronger math background (i.e. are ready to take a calculus course) we recommended CSIS 2610. Students will lesser math background or who wish a slower pace should take the CSIS 1595/2605 sequence.
Students should have equivalent backgrounds upon completion of CSIS 2605 or CSIS 2610.

Skipped CSIS 1590

I skipped CSIS 1590 and took CSIS 2610 because 1590 wasn't required in the curiculum that I was originally following. Since then I changed to IT which requires 1590. Do I need to take 1590?


You cannot take CSIS 1590 for credit if you have taken classes for which 1590 is a prerequisite. In such situations, we allow an upper level class to substitute for the 1590.

Received a D in a major course

In the Fall, I received a D in CSIS 2610. In the following Spring I took CSIS 3726 which has 2610 as a prereq. Should I retake 2610?


Since you have taken a course for which CSIS 2610 is a prereq, then you cannot retake 2610 for credit. If 2610 is required for your major, we allow an upper level class to substitute for the 2610. (Generally CSIS 3700, 3701, or 3726)

Courses to graduate

How can I find out the courses I need to graduate?


The CSIS department has created a tool know as the Electronic Curriculum Sheets to help guide students to meet the course requirements. Instructions for use are on the site.

Replace CSIS 2605 for CSIS 2610

My understanding is that CSIS 1595/2605 together are the same as CSIS 2610. Can I take CSIS 2610 even if my curriculum lists CSIS 1595 and 2605 as required?


You are correct that the two course sequence CSIS 1595 and 2605 are viewed as equivalent to CSIS 2610. Any course requiring CSIS 2610 as a prereq can use CSIS 2605 to meet that prereq. There are some considerations: