Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted to University in the "PRE-COMPUTER" major in the STEM College. Students may and should apply for a transfer into the Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, or Information Technology programs once they have met the eligibility requirements. Students will be eligible to transfer to the CSCI, CIS, or IT major once they have completed all pre-college Math (through MATH 1507) and Writing (through ENGL 1540) course work and at least one course applicable toward the intended major. Further, a departmental GPA of 2.40 or better and an overall YSU GPA of 2.00 or better is required. (The 2.40 departmental GPA forces at least a B in a course for the major.)

The typical courses taken by a PRE-COMPUTER major prior to transferring to a departmental program follows:

Intended Major — Computer Science: CSIS 1590 or CSIS 2610

Intended Major — Computer Information Systems: CSIS 1590 or CSIS 2610

Intended Major — Information Technology: INFO 1575 or CSIS 1590