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Admission Requirements


In addition to the minimum College of Graduate Studies admission require­ments, students must also have previous courses in or the equivalent of:                        

Course ID                                               Course Title                                                                                                                                                                   

CSIS 1590                     Survey of Computer Science and Information Systems (or equivalent of information systems courses)     (3 S.H)

CSIS 2610                     Programming and Problem-Solving (or equivalent of computer programming)     (4 S.H)                                                          

CSIS 3700                    Data Structures and Objects (or equivalent of computer programming)    (4 S.H)                                                                          

CSIS 3722                    Development of Databases (or equivalent of databases courses)    (3 S.H)                                                                                        

CSIS 3723                    Networking Concepts and Administration (or equivalent of networking courses)    (3 S.H)                                                          

or CSIS 3782               Cisco Networking Academy 1  (3 S.H)

INFO 3704                   Business Communication (or equivalent of technical communication skills courses)   (3 S.H)                                                 

Equivalent employ­ment-related experience may be substituted for some of these requirements. The experience must be described in detail and reliably documented (in a letter of recommendation from an employer, for example).

Students are also required to submit a résumé, a written statement describing their past ex­perience in computing/information systems (both employment and academic), and their reasons and goals for applying to the program. The Graduate Record Examination (general test) is also required and students must obtain an acceptable score.

Students not satisfying all admission requirements may be admitted with provisional status subject to the approval of the graduate program director and the graduate dean. Such students will generally be required to take specified undergraduate and/or foundation courses, which will not count toward the master’s degree.

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2019 semester, with a deadline of July 15 for domestic students and April 15 for international students. See the School of Graduate Studies and Research for online application forms.

Aside from the requirements listed on the form, the C&IS department also requires:

  • A GRE score.
  • A resume and statement of purpose.

Follow this link for more details about the Admissions process.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact the program coordinator:

Dr. Alina Lazar,

Graduate Program Director 

Computer Science and Information Systems Department 
Youngstown State University 
One University Plaza 
Youngstown, OH 44555 
(330) 941-2981 
alazar@ysu dot edu