Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

CSIS department program changes

Effective Fall 2012.

Overview of Changes

There are changes in both the General Education and Major requirements for all majors in the CSIS department. These changes are in effect for all students entering YSU starting Fall 2012. Current students graduating Fall 2012 or later have the following options:

  1. Remain on the old curriculum,
  2. Change to the new General Education and remain on the old Major requirements,
  3. Remain on the old General Eduction model and change to the new Major requirements, or
  4. Change to both the new General Education model and the new Major requirements.

It is up to the student to determine which option is best. Once that is decided, it should be conveyed to the advisor so it can be documented in your file. Advisors will assist the process, but will not examine every possible option.

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Course Prerequisite Changes

The Department has changed a number of course prerequisites:

  1. CSIS 1525 (Survey of Modern Operating Systems) now has a prerequisite of "not for begining users."
  2. CSIS 1590 (Survey of CSIS) now has a higher prerequisite of Math 1507 or Level 30 on the Math placement test.
  3. CSIS 2610 (Programming and Problem Solving) now has a prerequisite of Math 1507 or Level 40 on the Math placement test.

General Education Changes

The most notable change is a new General Education Model. You can view a summary of the new General Education Requirements called the 2012 model, as well as the old General Education Requirements, now called the 2000 model. Most, but not all, courses that met Gen Ed requirements under the 2000 model also meet requirements under the 2012 model. However the categories have changed. Further information is available at the University’s General Education website.

Foreign Language Changes

The foreign language requirement for the BS degree (Computer Science) has been removed for students entering the program begining Fall 2012 or later. Unlike the other changes, this change is based on when you entered the program.
Students transfering into a BS program (after Fall 2012) from a program without a foreign language requirement will not have the foreign language requirement. Students who have ever been in a program before Fall 2012 that required a foreign language will have the foreign language requirement for the Computer Science program.

As always, students may petition for a waiver of the requirement. It is expected that such waivers will not be approved.

Information Technology Changes

Old Requirements

New Requirements

Math 2623 or 2625

Math 1552 (Applied Mathematics for Management)


Stat 2601 (Introductory Statistics)

Computer Information Systems Changes

Old Requirements

New Requirements

Math 1552 (Applied Mathematics for Management)

Math 1570 (Applied Calculus 1)


Stat 3717 (Statistical Methods)

Computer Science Changes

Old Requirements

New Requirements

CSCI 5814 (Computer Architecture)

CSCI 5801 (Software Engineering)


CSCI 5814 (Computer Architecture)

PHIL 2619 (Introduction to Logic)

Removed (no longer Gen Ed)

Foreign Language

Removed for students entering Fall 2012 or later

(no longer part of BS degree)